Shinobu ANZAI Photography


Shinobu ANZAI / 安斎しのぶ

福島県福島市出身 東京都在住
ART’E Design & Photography Firenze,Italy 暗室技術コース専攻

被写体となる人間の思考や哲学を写真に投影し、自身のアイデンティディとの交錯点を探る”Crossing of Identity”をテーマに作品を制作。

イタリア留学時代に写真家Gloria Marco Munuela氏の元、実験的な写真表現に触れ、モノクロ写真を中心にデジタル・銀塩・古典技法(湿板写真)を合わせた写真表現を研究中。

「SNB Photo & Design 」

Shinobu ANZAI is Portrait Photographer based on Tokyo,Japan , was born in Fukushima,Japan in 1976.
She takes portraits under the theme of “Crossing of Identity”, which express philosophy and identity of model and herself.
While studying in Italy, she studied experimental photographic expression under the direction of photographer Gloria Marco Munuela.
Until now she took several workshops of alternative photography , and is mixing that and digital photography.

She had experienced in marketing, public relations, DTP & WEB designer at several companies, and became independent as a photographer & designer in 2007.



Solo Exhibitions
2023.12 “Portrait Photography of Carmen Alvarez” / Bar CHINPINDO  Tokyo , Japan
2022.9 Bar GEAR  Kyoto , Japan
2021.5 “Prologue Ⅱ” Wet Plate Collodion Photography / Bar CHINPINDO  Tokyo , Japan
2021.4 “Prologue” Wet Plate Collodion Photography / Bar AME  Tokyo , Japan
2020 Bar GEAR  Kyoto , Japan
2017 “in a trance” / Gallery Ponto15  Kyoto , Japan
2015 “The Apple” / Gallery Ponto15  Kyoto , Japan
2012 “Crossing of Identity” / Artspace Sonoencho  Kyoto , Japan
2009 “Body Expressions” /  Osaka , Japan

Group Exhibitions
2009 – 2017  “How are you Photography?”  Kyoto , Japan
2009 – 2012  “Banyak Banyak Group Exhibition”  Kyoto , Japan
2012 “ICHI NEN -Chaos against Tsunami-” Tokyo, Japan & Paris , France
and more..


Education / Courses

2019 – Wet Plate Collodion workshop in Tamura Syashin in Tokyo , Japan
2018 – Colotype Print workshop in Benrido in Kyoto , Japan
2017  Anthotype workshop of “Fotoativa(Brasil)” Miguel Chikaoka in Kyoto , Japan
2004  Darkroom Print Tecnic in ART’E Design and Photography in Firenze , Italy
1994–1998 – Italian Language in Kyoto-Sangyo University Kyoto , Japan